Stereograms and Seeing Auras

7 thoughts on “Stereograms and Seeing Auras”

  1. I’ve been thinking about the same time, which is why I found this in a Google search. I was also looking for a connection between seeing stereograms and seeing aura.
    By the way. If you’ve ever seen those “spot the difference” images, try using the stereogram technique on them and you’ll become a master, because you can literally see the differences 😀

    1. So what did you find with regards to stereogram viewing and seeing auras? I found a book on Amazon related to the subject but not much more…

      1. Well after all this time I finally found no real research on this subject. I still think that there’s a connection, though, and if I ever figure it out, I will post it here!

    2. Since people are searching about it, I think that people are coming to the same conclusions. Anyway I should buy another stereogram book sometime, I should practice seeing them more!

      1. I have been doing more research on the subject, and bought several books featuring stereograms, and have gotten quite proficient at parallel viewing. One thing I noticed is that it is helping my meditations. I seem to be able to “go deeper” while focusing on the space before my closed eyes. Regarding auras, I can see fringes around people quite easily, but I can see it around objects as well, so I think it is partly a perceptual effect related to “contrast fringing” (basically the cones in the retina just outside the dark area of a form are firing as well). I do get flashes of color with people though. I think it isn’t enough to have parallel vision, I think you need to apply extrasensory perception as well. I think one can master seeing auras by practicing a lot, but I believe there is a method or “trick” of vision that once one gets (even perhaps by accident) you can cultivate it, if you continuously put your attention on it.

  2. I was wondering the same. That’s how I came across this blogpost. I feel there is a definite connection. But I don’t have any data, just a feeling 🙂

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