2 thoughts on “Freedom!!!”

  1. I just received a 16GB touch for my birthday, but unfortunately I have about 20 GB of music/videos etc. I expect this number to grow, so I am considering exchanging the 16GB touch for a 80GB classic for the greater storage capacity. I am still undecided because I really like the wifi and other added features of the touch. However, I also have an Eee PC, which is really enough to fulfill my portable wifi and web needs. Still, the touch has many more features over the classic. Which should I get? Thanks for the help!

  2. In my opinion, it all really depends on your needs. I prefer using the Touch to the Eee PC for mobile surfing simply because it’s more portable, but your needs may be different than mine.

    In the end my Touch ended up not being an MP3 player but more a PDA type thing. I guess the question you need to answer is: what do I need this device for? Do I need an MP3 player or do I need a PDA web-surfing device?

    Strictly speaking, as an MP3 player the Touch is not as good as the Classic. I still have my 8GB iPod Nano which is my actual primary mp3 player. The Touch can play MP3s but that’s more of an afterthought; my real use for the Touch is as a WiFi hotspot surfing device, a manga/ebook reader, and a notepad. It’s all a matter of figuring out what you need the device for.

    This is also the reason I don’t like getting an iPhone. I want my phone to be used as a phone, rather than as a hotspot surfing device. It’s all good that you can use it as such but I find that using the Touch to surf all the time drains the battery, such that it doesn’t really have the juice to be something else, like a phone for instance.

    I used to be all for convergence and consolidating all my gadgets into one device, but practically this wasn’t possible due to the limits of current battery technology. Until they create a device that can surf, play MP3s, take calls and SMS, take notes/calendars/etc and still have a battery life good enough to last a few days, then true convergence is still a pipe dream.

    When my portable device needs weren’t so great I was able to get away with just one PocketPC to do all of the above, but even then I had to charge my gadget every night. Nowadays that WiFi is becoming more prolific in my area I find that one device is just not enough. I need a separate device for WiFi, and another as my phone or mp3 player or what not.

    In your case you already have an Eee PC, which for the most part is a better device than the Touch for all tasks except music playback. The Touch could very well be redundant for you, in which case an iPod Classic may be a better fit.

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