The Samsung Blackjack

4 thoughts on “The Samsung Blackjack”

  1. Well being better than the iPhone or not depends on your needs. I think the iPhone is better overall, but the iPhone is also more expensive and is meant to do different things.

    The iPhone is certainly better as an all around device. It has more storage, an excellent touch screen interface and it is an awesome web surfing device.

    The Blackjack is not so good for web-surfing because of the lack of touchscreen. It is better for typing long posts or for running messenger apps, but for general surfing it is not even comparable, even if it has a faster data connection.

    In terms of third party apps it’s more or less a wash although the iPhone needs to be jailbroken first to really have access to the best apps.

    iPhone is also better as a book reader.

    I put up a blog on the iPod Touch as well. It can do sooooo many things and is basically just an iPhone without the phone and camera. For all these things the Touch is way better than the Blackjack.

    The Blackjack on the other hand, strictly as a phone is better in my opinion. Battery life is better, you have voice command which is a huge convenience especially while driving, and typing SMS is better on the hard QWERTY keypad as opposed to the touchscreen of the iPhone.

    But as a PDA and general purpose device the iPhone/Touch is way better. I married the best of both worlds by getting a Touch as the general PDA and a Blackjack as my phone. I end up having to carry two gadgets though, but the beauty of this two gadgets is that they are both really slim and/or really light.

    The Touch is very slim and hardly makes a dent in your pocket. It is pretty heavy but the slim profile makes up for it. The Blackjack is a bit fatter but still slimmer than many celphones and it is unbelievable light for all the power under its hood.

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