Oomph Oomph on the Highway

I just installed a new car audio system onto my car today. After two and a half years, my Vios finally gets a sonic upgrade!

The new toys are:
Ryan Audio i60.4 amp
Pioneer TS-WX301 sub
Kicker K6.2 seperates

It took about 4 hours to install. What a headache! But the results are… staggering to say the least.

Although both the sub and amp are only rated at 150W RMS, they deliver an amazing oomph. I wouldn’t call it punchy… The Pioneer dies sound a bit on the muddy side… but I suppose that’s to be expected from a budget sub. It also hasn’t been broken in.

But the Kickers deliver a real punch! They are strong, clear, and really create a sound stage I hadn’t heard in my car before. I guess having separate tweeters isn’t just for show.

It just feels so refreshing to have an actual sound stage in the car now. I love it!

I think I need to tweak the sub a bit, though. It’s just that powerful. I’m the kid that goes for clarity over SPL so this is one of my projects to tweak this system.

Well, I’m gonna go cruising a bit with this setup for a while. Oh yeah!!

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One response

  1. Hmm, by now the pioneer sub should be ‘broken-in’ More likely, as you said, it’s just because it’s a budget sub. Would be good to get a JL sub along the way (HIGHLY recommend the JLw6v2).

    I’m also a SQ (sound quality) guy as opposed to an SPL guy. Gotta love the soundstage that tweeters create. Previously, I only used two-way systems as three-ways are harder to angle correctly for best sound. I finally got a 3-way, though, as well as a center speaker (all Dynaudio) with Dolby Pro Logic and the sound is incredible!

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