The Magic Strikes Again

Unbelievable! Just after picking up the Spyridons as detailed in my last blog post, I headed over to National Bookstore to buy some gift wrap. And as I pass by the


The Little Prince! 2013

Moleskine section, lo and behold, my eye is caught inadvertently by another item I just happened to have on my wishlist: a Little Prince 2013 Planner!

This is just too good. I should note that I have been looking for this planner for the
past two months, and it simply hasn’t been in stock. Today, of all days, its finally here, and even better there was a 100 peso discount as I swiped it! Just how great is that?

Now while the Magic has certainly been working to get me to part with my money today, to not buy these items as they are presented to me would be a lapse in gratitude. I humbly accept, and gratefully.

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